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 Cannabis (HEMP) is really illegal because... View next topic
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Average Toker
Average Toker

Joined: May 21, 2011
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Location: No-Wheres, yet Some-Wheres... No Matter where I am I am Home...

PostPosted: Sat May 21, 2011 1:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Sorry, blame the length of this one on Mary...
The topic just got me vexed...

I originally posted this as a response to another post in a thread on The thread was on the topic of why "Marijuana", or better known as, HEMP is illegal. I wanted to post this here to see if anyone agrees or disagrees with the responses there...
I was insulted and called a conspiracy theorist due to a "Reference" to N.W.O. and how we as humankind need to pay more attention, and address the causes to the problems. It was insinuated that I had all the answers... I thought of it as a chance to "Freely" inform the people...
At least those smart enough to hear more then just words...

My reply was... -Well I never claimed to be an expert on anything. Simply a project of the "Government", or a "Ward of the Courts". The "Government" is where "They" are based. You are what their plan is. Read into your corporate business "books", trace the trails of ownership, & You'd see, it is a fact, De Beer's Inc., JD Rock. foundation, as well as the JP Morgan & Chase Corporations, and a few others (G. W. Busch Inc & associates- U.S. OIL & Steel) have been running sh*t "Here" since our inception. British "Rule" is still to this day taught, as the "OLD Country" or OLD "ENG(lish)"land. Read the real history of where "They" come from, their money and how "they" became the "legends" "they" are. "The world's population is the greatest business investment, the world will ever know". (Mr. M. Strindberg)
Do you know why a corporation can lock down a world-wide market, or why it is that we can't just stop a politically discussed issue? Are you familiar with The Pinkerton's or what they became? Do you know why they're "Blood Diamonds" or how many true distributors of diamonds, and manufacturing owners there are?
For instance, are you aware of where and how our federal bank of reserve was founded? Or that it isn't either, federal or a bank. But an organization of "Banker's" (just mentioned). Whom of which own in whole, or part, a seed bank now located in the South Pole. Being of which is the 3rd of its kind, due to earth's adjustments (ie. earthquake, and volcano activities) that exists. A bank designed for the hording & re-creation of the world's commodities, which as we all know is the biggest game we play, also referred to as the Stock Market. FDIC? FCC? FDA? W.T.O... (because it is a known & documented fact the world will experience another drastic, cataclysmic, planet altering event of some form)
"They" get away with the lies, the same way a bully in pre-school does. There lies. "They" get away with 'em because their convincing when revealing 'em, or they've ensured the "Cover-Up story" is solid.
How did O. J. get away with murdering his wife? "They" lied. How did "They" get away with the installment of our Federal Tax Act, a direct violation of our rights.... How did "They" get away with the "American Patriot Act", again a direct violation and contradiction of our Constitutional Rights, completely eliminating our right to privacy and some of our rights to freedom of our speech. "They" lied... The "resolve" of slavery? Lie... Now it's not the color of your skin that deciphers you're economical status, its the amount of funds you have donated to their cause that deciphers what you are in this world.
"...Making the rich, richer. And the poor, poorer." I'm sure you've heard before.
There, you want conspiracy theory, the world's powers to be, have us brain-washed. Brain-washed, just like Charles Manson, or David Koresh, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler (Whom "WE" helped & funded mind you- a "Documented" Fact) all did.
"They" condemn any "power" other then theirs. We buy the bullsh*t "they" sell, cause first and foremost, we put 'em into office. We have bought "their" bullsh*t since we met them. Remember we supposedly voted unanimously for em' to be there. Or at least that's what we are lead to believe we do.
The truth is, N. W. O. (I have posted a link in another post, for you to see for yourself what it is) but to me, simply stands for being f*ck*ng aware of the bullsh*t you believe in your own neighborhoods. Be weary of the crap they sell you on "Government" run TV.... or the "Government" authorized educational system, or lack there of...
Just like a car salesman, "their" gonna tell you whatever you need to hear, to believe and buy into "their" cause!!! That's what liars, or "Cons" do, "They" lie...
"It's not about what you think of them, nor what they think of you, but what they think, you think of them that matters". (Mr. M. Strindberg)
Try reading some of my other posts, before you start jumping on me as a conspiracy theorist. I can give you directions, and tell you sh*t to read. But then I wouldn't be any different then the lame *ss f*cks I despise that are running our world, feeding you the lies "they" want you believe.
Remember it is "The Federal GOVERNMENT" that makes your world run.
The same government the "World Trade Organization" or "United Nations" is based around.
The same government that controls any and all trade conducted world-wide.
The same government spending trillions in WARS on "Terrorism" & "Drugs", and has the world's largest stockpile of nuclear warheads, and the "World's" largest population of "Drug" dependents...
The same government that created the Euro, and is in the process of the induction of the "Amero"...
The same government that controls and deciphers the "World's" currency and rate of exchange...

"...It is the Imaginative and intellectual mind that "their" afraid of. An educated mind, is the world's most powerful weapon". (Mr. M. Strindberg) Why else is it that schools are the largest part of "Budget" cuts... Budgets that enslave and en-debt indefinitely for no reason.
Look at you're response to this post, "THERE CAN'T BE ANY WAY THEY HAVE "US" ENSLAVED". "You're just trying to lie on them, and make up a story bout it to fit my..." What, agenda? My desire for world domination? My need to be heard? My inferior, insecure imagination?
Really??? You point at my posts and claim me as a creator, or liar, and yet you buy so much of "their" garbage daily that "They" have fed you for millennium, that you refuse to turn your blind eye. What I'm a stranger, a mindless druggie? I can't have a believable story without facts? Like all old myths and legends that have been passed on? Or do you just simply refuse to believe you're tormentor is torturing you, instead of loving you (Documented Scientific-Psychological-referenced fact). After all, isn't that the usual response of anyone being molested, or abused. "They" LOVE ME. THEY WOULDN'T DO THAT TO ME!!!!
And what, think some one else, in a time where campfires and Witch-craft told "Kings & Queens" what to do. ...A time where there was no internet, no phones, tv's, & radios to let people freely speak-out against the "LIARS" or "Rulers", someone couldn't come up with a story we still pass-on as traditions, and as ways of life in numerous different "Names"?
After all, if we didn't believe everything we heard especially in the "Dark Ages", we wouldn't have religions, for thousands of years.
The exact same religion, in every single culture, all of time has seen.
Identical religious practices... Identical religious claims... Identical objects of adornment...
REALLY listen past the words that are spoken, or written down, and dig deep down inside yourself. Your conscience speaks, and is usually ignored. That's what "they" teach "US" to do. "They", are the liars that we give the power to.
My conspiracy theory isn't that "They" are planning something for "US" but I guess that I believe it is a process of mind, body, and soul control. They simply plan to have us all enslaved...
Picture it, the "WORLD" is under a "NEW ORDER" that we as mindless peons embraced and accepted under false pretenses.
That is how slaves are attained...
And it is why, Marijuana, and anything else "they" can exponentially reap profit from, is illegal...
Your average mindless "Peasant" can profit uncontrollably from it, without taxation. And again, an educated mind, or a wealthy enough mind to afford an education, is the most dangerous weapon in this world...
...The Boston Tea Party, The Civil War, Prohibition, The Great Depression... Read your books, and really listen to things history censors and you can come across your own "Conspiracy Theory" from the same facts I did.

"... Every King reigns supreme, but every Kingdom crumbles under history... " (Mr. M. Strindberg)

"...Even the tallest of all the Trees, only stands tallest for but a "MOMENT" in all of Time... " (Mr. M. Strindberg)

"...Submission and control given to those already in domination and power is the ultimate form of suppression..." (Mr. M. Strindberg)

*Originally posted in a thread: @
*Original thread written by: User fdsa187187*

Judge not the Rock, but the Mountain...

Judge Me not as the man I have become, but the Man I will become...

I am the Poet-X...
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