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808St0N3r: hook up on the big island got any?
camaine: maine
willy420: will pay top dollar for good buds
willy420: any body from tx ineed a hook up
Shonnashi: Nice to meet you here.. budsandtoysdotcom super cool blog please check it out!
budsandtoys: [URL]
Jenniferojenny: Help.
Jenniferojenny: I need some weed
-Me-: New episode of Mangled Meditations on! Check it out!
saintgreen: learn it live it loveit blaze on
420alarm: whos got any flame kush?
420alarm: idk man
Mr420: I need some weed!
Rangii: Shot
Rangii: Shut Uhpp
vampirosbrood: i love you chronicroadh MY WIFE
chronicroach420: YAYYAYAY
vampirosbrood: because of this site, me and chronicroach are dating BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER
chronicroach420: 5 YEAR HIATUS
chronicroach420: IM BACK
burner420: the buds on this website.are they real?
xican22: sup!!!
brit420: smoooke time
sissyajbl: hey does any no how to take pot on a plane
AmericanToker: whats up?
AmericanToker: hey
AmericanToker: het!
mumi420: hey hey
mumi420: hey hey
violette: Hello people
xxblazed: If anyone remembers me, we're still around, shoot us a PM, or email.
kamala: whats up where r all the girl smilies?
johnblazen: blowen on this kush this morning an good morning to everyone
johnblazen: whats gud every one
redeyedweedguy420: Where the hell are all the people at
PrOStoneR: <--- philly. that kinda near erie
XtwiztidXangelX: i havent been on here in a min. so someone write me n tell me how to changemy pic plzz thnkz
wilkey: how is everyone today
wilkey: Hi
donslack: hello
rainwaterman1: hello?
decored: im new to mc anyone to guide me coz i'm really lost
decored: im new to mc anyone to guide me coz i'm really lost
Girlz_Call_Me_Daddie: anyone in PA?? close to erie..i'm in Oil City..get at me
Girlz_Call_Me_Daddie: whats up??
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