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Kain: Well shes not there, I guess you guys arent gonna hear me stoned
Kain: im.. intergalactic
Kain: man, it would rule if I could attach an image with my descriptions
Kain: It kinda annoys me that ppl dont know what a thai stick is, I was tryin ta demonstrate how ta make a cannibus cigar ta my cousin but he said "What tha hells a thai stick?", which blew my mind
Kain: Ah man, she wasnt there
Kain: I cant wait ta call up that girl ta bring my weed
polishmafia: if anything i would really say you and who ever is reading this should fly to Amsterdam. There you will sample lots of diffrent kinds of weed. That place is amazing... and if you always thought that Amsterdam was a myth with all the marijuana... well i asure you its true... when i was there (which i just came back 5 days ago) i tried like 50 diffrent kinds of weeds. It was heaven on earth. Everyone there is in their own little world and everyone is happy and peaceful. i say everyone should go to amsterdam adleast once in their life and expirence the time of their life. (i said adleast once because not everyone has that much money to go (you need like 1000$ for one week depending on how much you smoke and if you are going to be in the red light district often.) Go To Amsterdam!!!!!!
Kain: Thanks man
RDMN: nice topic man I just posted in it with the things that I have right off the top of my head
Kain: Hey germ, could ya post somethin in my new topic, its kinda enterestin' ta me
Kain: 'ey check out my new topic in 411
rocktheparty420: anyone ever tried Salvia? it's a trip that i highly recomend
rocktheparty420: anyone ever tried Salvia? it's a trip that i highly recomend
Kain: Yeah, but im not much for tha super potent weed of today either cause its too much, like someone dipped it in acid or somethin'. I like feelin a buzz not trippin out
admin: Yeah it's not on my list.
Kain: Most ppl probably dont 'member mexican brick
Kain: Thanks
admin: Nice job on those submits. quality stuff.
Kain: Yeah! I love it, thanks Admin. Youre pretty kool
admin: Should be good now
admin: Damn!
Kain: It says the Module isn't active
Kain: Great man, thanks for goin' through tha trouble
admin: Marijuana Dicitionary is online. Check it out and submit some words. [URL]
Kain: Ey man
DarkStar_420: what up ppl
skuff: amsterdam officials must av suspected it for [URL] nice if we could get some sent though ay hehe
skuff: even if hey did it would be a gamble with your money dont you think?
Kain: itll rule, but I might get a lil' too fucked up and act stupid halfway thru,so dont mind me actin' crazy. but when ya think about it, thats tha point
Kain: Ill try my best ta persuade em, but just ta let ya know I might look creepy, lol but thats me
RDMN: ummmm last names no location well as long as it's not an exact location like an address it's all good..I'll be waiting to see this
Kain: BTW, im hopin' ta make a home vid this weekend of me and my cuz smokin' but I dunno if I should I wont mention last names or locations, nothin stupid like that
Kain: Kool
BCGirlie: I went to a concert in Waahington and took weed with me from Canada! It was well worth the effort. I don't really recommend it, but the rush can't be beat
Kain: I dont know anyplace where ya can do that safely I get my stuff locally, and I went months without weed cause I didnt trust those sites, and no I havent been ta Amsterdam but I have a friend who lives there and he keeps tryin ta get me ta come but I need ta see what tha catch is, I hate bein' stranded
polishmafia: have you ever been in amsterdam?
polishmafia: sure
polishmafia: I have a simple question maybe some one can tell me from who i can buy marijuana off of the internet.I heard there are some that sell it stright from amsterdam.
Kain: Thanks
skuff: just signed up..kool site.... keep up the good work
teresa: hey anyone care to chat with avery stoned 32 yearold high shool teacher?
teresa: what u doing?
teresa: hey there
RDMN: ahhhh so that is what haooend to the shout box yesterday I just thought I was going crazy good to see that it works
teresa: polish care to chat?
teresa: pm you there, id love to talk!
teresa: hey would you like to chat with me?
admin: Shout Box took a dump yesterday. It's back in action now.
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