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Chapter One: The Basics
Posted on: 05-02-2012 @ 11:19 pm

  The Pot Chronicles Chapter One: The Basics I guess you could say it all started the day I left for the “circus”; but that's not when the escapade started. It actually started the day my friends and I got in trouble. But before I begin the story we need to get past the boring basics. My name is Kora and I am 20 my best friends are Lucy and Chase. We all live in Woodworth House which is a group home for kids and adults that are “supposed” delinquents. Mrs. Doreen King is the house “Mother”; which “Mother” is actually what she has us call her but what we call her behind her back is “The Warden”. Mrs. Doreen is a widow and quite the bitch. She has such strict rules. The only freedom we have is our two person bedrooms and the weekends. On the weekends we get out allowance of $20.00 for the young adults and anywhere from $5.00 – $15.00 depending on age which we get to spend however and we get to spend Sundays out as long as we are back by 9:00pm for the house curfew. There is also a mandatory behavior classes that happen ever Saturday and Sunday mornings. These classes consist of group therapy which is divided by age group, then book work about handling emotions. There are at least grounds to roam with fences of course but it's better then staying inside all the time. The house has 20 kids living here from the ages of 7 to 22 Lucy and I are 20 and Chase is 19. At the age of 22 the courts deem the kids now reformed and able to live on their own. The rooms are medium sized with a small tv without cable, bunk beds, and two desks. “The warden” provides us with the minimum of what we need and if we want anything else we are supposed to save our allowance to buy it. The rules are as follows: 1. No fighting, biting, or kicking. 2. No screaming or yelling inside. 3. All homework must be done as soon as you get home from school. 4. Chores are to be done right after homework is done or off work in case of the older kids. 5. You must eat everything that you have put on your plate. 6. Lights out at 8:30pm on a school/work night and 9:50pm on Fridays and Saturdays. 7. All kids MUST attend mandatory behavior classes Saturday and Sunday mornings till noon. 8. After lights out there are to be no tvs or lights on. 9. The unwritten but spoken rule for the older kids.... NO SEX! If we do not follow the rule we get our allowance taken away indefinitely and will not be able to go out of the house for a month or more depending on the crime. But for the heinous crimes I have heard of some of the kids not coming back but that could be just a myth. I don't know if it is a myth and i don't want to know either. I lived at the home for 2 years. Lucy lived at the home only 6 month less then me. Chase lived at the home since he was 8. Before Lucy came to live in room 9 with me I was even more miserable. I would do only the bare minimum to get through what I had to; not that it was any different then when she was there but it made it a lot more tolerable. The day that she showed up i was just sitting in my room reading.... trying to stay out of trouble. While i was reading "The Warden" opened the door. "Kora, your new roommate is here now treat her nice or else," she told me with her intimidating expression she used so much. That's when i first saw her. This mousey girl with a floor length jean skirt and long sleeve blouse. “Hi, there,”at the sound of my voice she flinched but did not even look at me. It took me a while to get her to open up to me but as soon as she did we have been best friends since. Now with chase is was a lot easier to become his friend. The first day I got there I saw him in the corner reading a book. As soon as I walked in door I noticed him. It's like he was the metal and I was the magnet. As soon as “The Warden” left me alone I snuck out of my room, when she ordered me to rest after my trip, to find this guy. “Hey, I'm Kora, that's an amazing book your reading,” I said to him when I found him in the same spot reading the book Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite. From that moment on we were friends. Also from that moment in “The Warden” had it in for me. Luckily that day she let it slide because it was my first day but she swore she wouldn't ever let it happen again.

Last updated on 05-02-2012 @ 11:19 pm

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