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Marijuana Chat

Welcome to the Marijuana City IrCQ Chat!
You will automatically be joining the IRC Marijuana City Chat Room (#12038471_marijuanacity).
Join the Marijuana City Chat Group on, Click here

IrCQ-Net Chat is a free public chat and is not affiliated with Marijuana City. If you would like to see your groups chatroom available to the Marijuana City community please contact admin.

  • User Commands
    The following commands will provide some information about the servers and are available for all the users (Parameters which are inside <> brackets are mandatory while parameters which are inside [] brackets are optional):
    /admin <server name> - Retrieves administrative information about the IRC server to which you are connected. Often provides an email address for the server administrator and indicates which server administrators are online for that server. If the server name is omitted, then this command will provide information about the server to which you are connected. Example - /admin

    /info - Displays information about the server that you are connected to including up time, address and version.

    /links - This command will show all the servers currently linked together on the network.

    /time - This command will display the current local time and date of the server to which you are connected.

    /list [#channel] [-min #] [-max #]
    - Lists currently available channels matching your search. Examples -
    • /list - will list all the currently available channels (not including channels with +s or +p modes).
    • /list -min 5 -max 20 - will list all the currently available channels, which contain from 5 to 20 users.
    • /list #ICQ - will list only #ICQ.
    • /list *love* - will list all the currently available channels which have "love" in their name.

    /motd [server name]
    - Display the current "Message of the day" for the server that you designate. If you leave the server field blank it will return with the current server you are logged onto. Example - /motd - will display the current "Message of the day" for

    /join <#channel> - Enter an existing channel, or create a new channel if this name doesn't exist (when you create a new channel you'll be automatically oped in it). Examples -
    • /join #ChatRoom - this will let you inside #ChatRoom
    • /join #MyFirstTestRoom - this will let you inside #MyFirstTestRoom which doesn't exists probably and there for you'll be oped in this channel.

    /part [#channel] - Parts the given channel. If you don't provide a channel you'll part your current open channel. Example - /part #ChatRoom - this will make you part #ChatRoom

    /nick <nickname> - Changes your current nick to the given nick.

    /msg <nickname|#channel> <message> - Send a private message to the given nickname or messages the given channel (you can message channels without being on them only if they don't have +n mode set on). Examples -
    • /msg Blue hey there… - this will send a private message to the user "Blue" saying "hey there…"
    • /msg #Romance hi everybody - this will write "hi everybody" inside #Romance.

    /notice <nickname|#channel> <message> - Send a notice to the given nickname or noticing the given channel (you can notice channels without being on them only if they don't have +n mode set on). Examples -
    • /notice Blue hey there… - this will send a notice to the user "Blue" saying "hey there…"
    • /notice #Chatroom hi everybody - this will notice "hi everybody" inside #ChatRoom

    /me <message> - Tells the current channel or query about what you are doing. Example - /me is Laughing out loud - this will return "* yournickname is Laughing out loud" to the current open channel/query window.

    /ison <nickname1> [nickname2]... - Checks whether the given nicknames are currently connected (will return the connected nicks).

    /whois <nickname> - Shows information about the given nickname.

    /whowas <nickname> - For a certain amount of time after a client has left the server you can still get information about that client. The information is the same as the information in the "whois" command.

    /userhost <nickname1> [nickname2]... - Returns the user@host information for given nicknames.

    /who <nickname|#channel> - Shows short information about the given nickname only if one of the two following conditions is met: you are in channel with 'nickname' or 'nickname' is not invisible (+i). When the given parameter is #channel it will display the users and their status in that channel only if one of the two following conditions is met: you are in #channel or #channel is not secret or private (+s or +p).

    /topic <#channel> <new topic>
    - Changes the topic for the given channel. You can only change the topic when you're Op in the given channel or the channel mode isn't +t. Example - /topic #Newbies This is the new guys channel.

    /invite <nickname> <#channel> - Invites the given user to the given channel. Example - /invite Blue #Music - this will invite the user Blue to #Music

    /quit [reason] - This will disconnect you from IRC and will give the optional message as the reason for your departure (this message only appears to people who are on the same channels as you). Example - /quit That's all folks!

    /away [message] - Leave a message explaining that you are not currently paying attention to IRC. Whenever someone sends you a MSG or does WHOIS on you, they automatically see whatever message you set.Using /away with no parameters marks you as no longer being away. Examples -
    • /away off to get something to eat, back in a moment. - this will mark you as away with the following message.
    • /away - this will mark you as longer being away.

    /mode <yournickname> <+|- modechars> - This is a powerful command that gives you control of your own mode. +modechar will enable the mode while -modechar will set this mode off. The available modechars are:
    • I - makes you invisible to anybody that does not know the exact spelling of your nickname or isn't on the same channels with you.
    • S - makes you receive server notices
    • W - makes you get messages who were set by IRCops to users.

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