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Weird and Crazy Joints

Smoking Weird Joints:
smoke a joint
This is me smoking a weird 3 x tjubang joint.

Smoking a weird double-shot-joint Smoking a Double-shot-joint, get double as stoned as normal.
To see how to make a Double-shot-joint with great marocan hashies or what you like, just click on the photo.

Coming up soon :)

Smoking a weird Orange J This is me smoking a orange tjubang joint, funny way to smoke and it had a great taste.

Testing a weird J Here you see a very cool joint, called a Tulip-joint, made by a Australien friend of mine.
Not easy to make, but is a funny way to smoke.

Testing a weird J Here you see a cool Tjubang-joint, made by a me. It is easy to make one like this, but need some pratices. :)

Testing a weird J Here you see a cool 3 x cross-joint, made by a me. It is not easy to make one like this, it needs a lot of pratices. :)

Testing a weird J This is the Winner from the "Don smart ass joint" but is so weird, it have to be on this site :)
Joint WM 2000

Testing a weird J A weird joint and I find this joint very cool and funny.
This was the Winner from the "weird joint" Joint WM 2000 :)


Buy Real Bud Online, click here! By law these products are not sold as marijuana alternatives, as no product is allowed to be called marijuana alternatives herbal ecstasy or legal high.
Marijuana Webcams
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