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Jointfilters deluxe
Chillums deluxe
Other cool stuff
No hard drugs


Joint filter:
Different kind of jointfilters
This picture show joint filters in different kinds of material, there are different kind of wood and meerschaum and they
are very cheap. It is possible to get them in glass, metal and ivory.


Deluxe joint filter:

This is ivory jointfilters, very expensive. These are deluxe joint-filter in ivory (from an elephant) Very expen-sive, but will last for lifetime, if you take
care of it.
Ivory joint filters is a hit and is some time made with gold and silver.
If you smoke lots of joints you must have
one ivory joint filter.

Ivory filter
Here is a box for one jointfilter, made in some kind of wood and
a nice little hashbox, this is some stuff from a proff joint smoker.
In the right side you see a new jointfilter, still white and the filter next to it, is a year old and have get a nice brown color and look like marble.
(in the box: marok-hashish)

Jointfilter like these cost
from: 200 Dkr. - ?



Chillums in some kind of wood These are chillums made of some kind of wood and they are very cheap.
In Denmark we call chillums like these, table-legs, becourse it's same wood used to make legs for tables.

Chillum in stone and some small pipes Chillums made in stone or clay.
They are very cheap and will last very long times, becourse stone/clay can't burn like wood.
The small pipes is made in metal and plastic, cheap.

Deluxe chillums:

Luxsus chillums in meerschaum These are deluxe chillums made from meerschaum
A smoking pleasure.......
They are very expensive, but if you take care of it, you will have a chillum for lifetime.
Meerschaum can't burn, but is very fragile and
can break very easily.
These two chillums are perfect exsamples of deluxe meerschaum chil-
lums and are enjoyed by smoking professionals.

Chillums and chillums box All chillums made in meerschaum are, as said before, very soft, so it will be a good thing to have a chillum-box, if you want to have your chillum with you on the street.
Otherwise, keep your meerschaum chillum at home and clean it every time, after you have smoked on it and it will taste better.

Chillumsbox with chillum Meershaum chillums are the smokers best choise and for every time you smoke on it, it will taste better and better, but only if you clean it every time.
After many time used, the chillum will get a brown color and after many years smoking, it will look like marble.
Meershaum chillums
like these
cost from 800 Dkr. - ?


Bong made in plastic
This is a bong, used to smoke small pipes
(also called a "head" bonghead) you smoke one head in one blow, good for saving money, becourse you get very stone, for smoking one bonghead.
Bongs is made in many different materials and shapes, from glass, plastic, bamboo, wood, coconuts and watermelons.

Bong in nice colors
Bongs can be all colors as you see here, but the most important thing is, it have to be easy to clean.

A little trick: put a icecube in the water and the smoke will not be so strong to inhale.

Nice bong and very easy to clean

Here is a nice bong
made in plastic and
can be cleaned very
easy with hot water
and is very handy.

Bamboobong, classic bong

As you see, bongs have lots of different shapes and sizes.
this is a classic bong made of bamboo
with a bonghead made of meerschaum.
Good bong cost from 150 Dkr. - ?

Smoking a lot of bong, can be very bad for your health.



Weird/cool pipes

Lot's of different pipes These are pipes in wood, meerschaum and glass and they are very cheap, many turists use them for smoking. But after many times smoke, they will burn out and be useless and taste very bad.
The glass pipe is easy
to clean and will never burn down.

Funny pipes

Two weird pipes, one glass, a kind of a bong-
pipe and the other one is a plastic bongpipe.
Pipes from this page cost
from 10 Dkr. - ?


Two cool pipes, called a "Tjubang"

Tjubang pipe ---A cool tjubang pipe ---
Smoke tjubang is a old way to smoke hash, if you dont like waterpipes or smoke trough water, this pipe is great and you get very stoned. If you smoke some good hash, offcourse :)

Cool pipe The pipes is made out of leather and the pipe head is made out of real pipe wood.
This pipe cost from 500,-Dkr.

Click on photo to enlarge.

This pipe will make you STONED

Stone pipe ---A cool Stone pipe ---
This pipe is made out of stone and make the smoke cold, so you can inhale a lot and get very stoned. When you smoke a stone pipe like this, you have to use minimum 5 gram hash.

Cool pipe It's a heavy pipe and is hard to smoke, like the earth pipe, many people gets to stoned.
I like to smoke stone pipe, one time a year :)

Click on photo to enlarge.


Water pipes

Old water pipe This is an old water pipe and you can find them in all kind of sizes and shapes.
The water inside the bottle, makes the smoke cold and it's posible to take a very big blow and get very stone.
Same trick as the bong, use icecubes in the water and you can also put orange juice in the water for a better taste.
Like all other smoking instruments, it's important to clean it often.


Two small water pipes
made in glass/bottle.
Water pipe cost
from 50 Dkr. - ?



Smoking stuff

Hash-box and jointpaper-box Here is some nice hash and jointpaperboxes, it's always nice to know where the hash is, and the paper is always straight.
You can find them in all kind of shapes, sizes, and colors and made in wood, ivory, metal, stone, plastic and the are not very expensive.

Different kind of jointpaper

Different kind of jointpapers.
Cost from 5-20 Dkr.

Nice silver joint-box for 10 joints.

Very nice silver box for about 10 joint's
Good for partys, always a joint ready
for smoke and they never break.


Smokie stuff

Seeds, ready for plant Here are some bags with seeds, ready for planthing and after a little while, you will have very good skunk, made by your self.
The shops have also a lot of good hash and marihuana books and music, and the cd you see, is a Danish production with cool smoking music.
All you have seen on these smoking stuff pages and much more can be seen in Christiania on "Carls Madsen Place" and
you can buy them to, if you like.

Great book of hashish
Great Book of Hashish, very good book with a lot of nice pictures of all kind of hash and marihuana from the whole world.
If you know nothing about hash, then read this book and you'll know all.

This is the best book in the world about hashish and that's 100% sure.

This is a cool joint pack

    Here is a cool joint pack.
    Where you can buy this
    I can't tell you, but it's cool.


No hard drugs

Picture from a wall in Christiania


Buy Real Bud Online, click here! By law these products are not sold as marijuana alternatives, as no product is allowed to be called marijuana alternatives herbal ecstasy or legal high.
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