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Ordinary ROLLING tips:
1. If you smoke to much and get sick or begin to fill bad, eat or drink something with lot of sugar. Sugar neutralizes hash.
2. Always clean your smoking items after use, it will taste better, next time you smoke on it.
3. If you like smoking hash without using tobacco, it is best to smoke on a little quipsy or pipe.
4. If you use tobacco, remember to toast/ roast it well, then you can taste the hash better.

Joints ROLLING tips
1. When you make a joint, never use more paper then necessary, you will not getting stoned by smoking the paper.
2. Use real jointpaper, there are made very thin, a joint have to taste good and not taste of paper.
3. Some people rips of the glue from the jointpaper, its not necessary with the glue.
4. "Smoking" makes the best joint paper, I allways use Blue Smoking.

Bong SMOKING tips
1. the best bong you can buy, is a bong made out of glass, very easy to clean with hot water.
2. For a better taste, put some orange juice in the water, about half and half, it gives a nice taste.

Waterpipe BONG tips
1. Same like bongs, best to buy a waterpipe in glass, for the cleaning.
2. For the taste, use orange juice, half and half or just fill it up with juice.
3. To make the smoke softer to inhale, put some icecubes in the juice, it will cool down the smoke and the smoke will taste like nothing.

Hash/ Weed tips
1. Marocan have to be mixed in small pieces, if it is to hard to mix, use a lighter to warm it up, DONT burn the hash, after mixing, put in the tobacco.
2. For mixing black hashies, it is best to toast the tobacco first and then warm up the black hash and blend it together with the tobacco.
3. If you smoke weed, it is very important, that the weed is totally dry, before you smoke it, weet weed, can damage your loungs.
4. Good hash or weed will have a smell like cat piss or like pine needle. Hash will be hard when it is cold, and soft when it is warm.

Buy Real Bud Online, click here! By law these products are not sold as marijuana alternatives, as no product is allowed to be called marijuana alternatives herbal ecstasy or legal high.
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