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HOW TO ROLL A JOINT - joint rolling 101

roll a joint Roll a Filtered Joint

This is my way to make a perfect joint, take some joint paper and scissors, cut a piece of the joint pack yo use as a joint filter, you can use a knife too.

Find a sharp egde from a table or something like that and roll the piece of filter, it will make it easyer to roll the joint filter and it is nice to have a perfect round joint.

smoke a joint
Take the scissors and cut a little of the filter, like you see on the photo, of course the joint has to be conic and not straight. Dont throw away the little piece you cut of, we will use it later.

roll your own joint
Take a joint paper and cut it in half, this piece of paper is only for use to the joint filter. I always use 2 pieces of joints paper to make a perfect joint, you can also use one, but this is easier and my way :o)

roll a joint
Now when you have roll your joint filter, you see that the joints filter need a little filter to stop tobaco and hash/ mariuhuana from falling into your mouth, take the little piece from the filter and make stairs, like you see.

roll yourself a joint
Take the little filter (stairs) and put into the joint filter and now you have a perfect joint filter, only need some paper around and some cool smoke.

Now it's time to roll your joint ...

smoke a joint and here I cut some of the joints paper, as you see at the photo, because why smoke more paper then nesercery. Now it is up to you how to roll your joint. My way is, first make the joint and then put in the mix (hash and toasted tobaco)

joint rolling Here you see my finished made joint with filter (the long one) ready to put in some smoke and the other one is one of the cones you can buy, but I dont like the filters, they are to short, I like a long filter and this was my way to make a perfect joint. Stay cool and happy!

You have now learned how to make a perfect joint, any way,
its now your time to practice, GOOD LUCK AND SMOKE !!!

Buy Real Bud Online, click here! By law these products are not sold as marijuana alternatives, as no product is allowed to be called marijuana alternatives herbal ecstasy or legal high.
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